KlematisAn Hoa Trading Company Limited's story began from 1989

The root of the company is in a small workshop of An Hoa traditional hand embroidery village. Over many generations, the company has matured and is continuously growing. In 2013, An Hoa Trading Company was established with the objective of expanding the current businesses.

Thanh Ha district is famous in the country for the traditional embroidery products for decades. In particular, An Hoa is the leading village in the district for outsourcing works of high quality products with numerous companies worldwide. The village is the center for large-scale embroidery factories and we are proud to be the best enterprise among all. All of the products are manufactured directly from our skillful employees and controlled under the management of experienced managers. Therefore, we guarantee to offer the best quality and reasonable price in the industry.

We devote in ongoing research and the development of various designs as well as the application of the most advanced technologies in the production lines, for the objective of bringing our customers the best products and promoting valuable hand embroidery techniques of our home town internationally. Along with the passionate, enthusiastic artisans, craftsmen and young talents, and many years of experiences collaborating with numerous companies in the U.S. and Europe, we are confident that our valued customers can expect not only highest quality, service and products possible but also competitive pricing from us.

The majority of our embroidery products are made by our skillful staff by hand. In recent year, we invest in Tajima embroidery machine to provide more choices for the customer. In addition to our customization services for clients, we provide a vast variety of products categories, such as, luxury bedding, dining sets, personal bags, living room and bathroom accessories. Our company is highly innovative and competitive. More new products and categories are being created and added gradually and continuously.